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This weekend the members of my mad office decided to party hard. We had hit our quarterly target well before time and it definitely meant we could let our hair loose for a while, hang up our shoes and relax a bit. Chief L was way to glad and was in his rarest of generous moods. He had said, “Choose a place, and I will join you guys there. The expenses shall be borne by me.” The entire team was way too glad to hear this from an otherwise grumpy Chief.

Delhi luckily is blessed with some of the best night spots to hang out with friends. Whether it is the by lanes of upscale Connaught Place, or Cyber Hub in Gurgaon, the nightlife is sure happening. Unfortunately our 8 member team just could not agree in unison about which place to be at. And that’s when Snout R, the show-off in the office whom I just have to tolerate, though I can’t, pulls out his yet another swanky mobile. For the first time I kind of appreciated his gesture. If not for him we would have probably taken hours to arrive at a destination to party.

And all that we actually did was log in to a site with information about the latest happenings, premium parties and general nightlife in India. With a party calendar and pub finder, it lets you browse through all the options to party and pub without wasting further time arguing with friends. I was amazed at the information we got in a matter of minutes.

You could search for party or pub locality-wise, city wise, or by simply typing in a key word. And you know where you want to be that night. From the comfort of your home (or office), you get to choose your venue, get info on its timings and the event details. So get dressed and be there to enjoy it.



Here’s something I liked on the site For people like Trivial S,  my 20 something giggly colleague, who just can’t understand what responsible partying means, the website gives tips to handle party hangovers, rules to avoid embarrassing night and  how to be a responsible host. Just hoping she would use some of the tips to live responsibly. So this holiday season, if you are the undecided kinds, and wish to party hard log on to The site currently provides information for the following cities.


  1. Mumbai
  2. Bangalore
  3. Delhi-NCR
  4. Hyderabad
  5. Kolkata
  6. Pune

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