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Welcome to the world of smart phones. Today we practically do everything on our smart phones. We watch movies, transact bank accounts, and can even plan a holiday. The latest entrant into this world of smart phones is the Airtel App. I recently downloaded this app titled “My Airtel App” on my phone. And I must say I was amazed to see the plethora of features it boasted of. From amazing offers, to recharging DTH, tracking account usage, and even buying products, this app is convenience all the way. It is an app that every Airtel user must have on their smart phones. There were three features in the app that I really liked. Here is a brief roundup of these features.

  • Airtel Surprises

The first feature is “surprises”. Surprised at the name? Well here is how interesting the feature is. On every recharge you make, you get free coupons from merchant establishments under various categories such as food, shopping, entertainment and wellness. Now isn’t this a great feature? I love shopping. And I am also a movie buff. I watch a movie or two in the theatre every week. So now with this feature of Airtel, I am surely going to shop more and watch more movies too, without feeling guilty.

  • The “My Bill” feature

For a person constantly on the move, keeping a track of bills, data usage, recharge dates etc… becomes a difficult job. To the rescue here is the “My Bill” feature. This feature provides all information related to the Airtel account. So you could easily keep track of recharge dates, mobile payment dates, data consumed, unbilled usage etc… This feature provides the convenience of giving you all the information you require on your mobile, so you don’t have to really log in to a computer to get the information.


  • “I want to” feature

Here is a very interesting feature. The Airtel “MyApp” feature saves those tasks which I frequently do on my home screen as short cuts. This is saved under “I want to” tab making it easy for me to refer to whenever I require. So whether it is for bill payments or information regarding data usage, my frequently used options are available at a single swipe and tap.

For a person like me busy through the week, such an app has made life easier. I don’t have to run to a kiosk or Airtel store anymore to pay my bills. My phone is more than enough for it. It is a great app as it is hassle free. So whether it is recharging DTH connections or paying mobile phone bills, I really don’t have to worry anymore. The solution lies in my mobile phone. Thanks Airtel for simplifying our lives with “My App”.

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