Male Contraceptive – Shouldn’t Men Shoulder The Responsibility For Contraception Too?

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Trials of a male contraceptive were recently abandoned when a handful of men experienced side effects deemed ‘minor’ in women on contraceptives. Is this fair any more?

“Phir se?” I gasped as my domestic help announced the news of her pregnancy. She did look weak and tired. Three pregnancies and two abortions had practically reduced her to a mere frame. Savitha has been a part of my household for over five years now and over these years, from being the typical memsaab; I had become an elder sister of sorts to her, and she would often seek guidance.

“Savitha, Your body is too weak; you may not be able to sustain the pregnancy or an abortion. It’s a big risk.” She lowered her eyes, as I said this. They spoke volumes…..

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  1. Lot of men do take responsibility yes there is an absolute lack of awareness hence the onus is pushed on the woman. When FPAI launched its initial programs their focus was on copper-t and female oriented procedures.

  2. How true and relevant this problem is despite the seemingly advanced society we live in! Lack of information, reluctance to talk or take initiative on a topic that is still taboo don’t help matters. In fact even gynaecologists first suggest only female contraceptive techniques, only when you prod them, do they come up with alternatives. Great post Ramya!

  3. in this strata of society it is full of beliefs and assumptions even if there is awareness nothing is done. The onus of taking care of a woman’s health is on herself and the responsibility of population control is left on the rest of the country. It is a sad state that with limited income there are so many dependants.

  4. Like they say, it takes two to tango, so safe and side-effects free contraception should be responsibility of both the partners. Birth Control should certainly not be purely a woman’s responsibility.

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