Madaari- My Weekend Movie

It is a week of big movie releases in the country, and Madaari was my pick. This much awaited film has an interesting ensemble of actors. The extremely talented Irrfan Khan plays the lead, with Vishesh Bansal and Jimmy Shergill making up the rest of the cast.

Irrfan Khan to me is one of those versatile actors who could practically play any role with ease. I loved his wit and subtle humor in Piku and the calmness and maturity portrayed in Life of Pi. But with Madaari, Irrfan Khan has reached all together a new height. His role of Nirmal Kumar in the movie, an “aam admi”, is exceptionally portrayed- poignant and hard hitting. It surely is one of Irrfan’s best performance. 

Madaari- a movie that brings out the realities of our nation.  Arent we a country where power lies in the hands of a select few? These are the ones who often call the shots and the “aam janta” is left in the lurch? Madaari explores the aspirations and life of the common man- such as Nirmal Kumar- asking questions that are hard hitting and making it a must watch. He is an average middle class man-like most Indians, working hard to make ends meet. In an unfortunate incident, Nirmal Kumar’s son goes missing.  The movie traces his journey of searching for his child, running from pillar to post, powerless as he cries out for help.  A directorial venture of Nishant Kamat (the one who directed, Drishyam and Rocky Handsome) Madaari could well be included among those movies that are totally thought provoking. With some brilliant performances and powerful dialogues, the movie leaves you intrigued.


I liked the simplicity in portrayal of characters- no larger than life hero who woos heroines around trees. Irrfan Khan brings out the anguish of a parent who has lost his child in brilliance. Jimmy Shergill as Nachiket Verma stands out too. The beautiful depiction of the camaraderie between Rohan (Vishal Bansal) and Nirmal Kumar is worth a mention.  With adequate suspense strewn across the script, the movie surely is nail-biting to the finish. The direction is flawless with a seamless screenplay and dialogue delivery. 

Madaari may not be your conventional film. It doesn’t have item songs, glitz and glamour or fight scenes. Well! making it a great movie for family audiences. Yet, it is a movie that is engaging, bringing out the grim reality of the nation that we are part of. It sure does touch you somewhere deep within.

So do watch it and share your thoughts with me.

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    1. Agree it isnt a different story. But there is something in the way the subject has been dealth with. Irrfan Khan’s performance is brilliant. It may seem a bit slow though for most people. But definately worth a watch.

    1. It’s nice, thought the story may seem nothing new… I liked the way the characters were portrayed. The dialogues and of course Irrfan Khan… not a conventional movie

  1. I had high expectations from this movie but pace was where it lost it. otherwise a great story! I abandoned mid way, probably too much expectation

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