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Kuppies it is- For the Love of Brownies

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“Fabulous is health, happiness, home and cake….”

Childhood memories are some of the most precious keepsakes to hold dear to your heart—especially as you grow up. And I feel that one of the best thing, to tie up our past- the dear sweet memories, is food.

A few weeks ago I attended a birthday party of a friend. Noticing the brownies that were displayed on the table, my hostess – a woman in her late thirties- and I suddenly launched into reminiscences about the cakes that we ate in our childhood. They were those yummy brownies that were baked by an Anglo-Indian neighbour of ours, in a traditional home oven. Those were the days in the eighties, when cakes would seldom be available in stores, except for a few local bakeries of course. And brownies- well they just had to be made at home. You wouldn’t find them at all.

Mrs. D’Cruz, whose generosity filled our childhood days with fond memories, used to have an old fashioned oven in her kitchen that could produce over a dozen odd brownies at a go. Moist and soft, these brownies would be a favorite of almost all the children in the colony. I still remember the aroma that wafted through her kitchen window, as we eager kids hung outside. And at first call we would line up inside. Within minutes her entire tray would be gone in a jiffy. As my friend and I sat recalling at least there different types of brownies made by Mrs. D’Cruz, our face expressions bore a strange look of dismay. Clearly, at the moment my friend (a great cook herself) was missing the experience of not only seeing such brownies, but also their taste. We hadn’t even started the meal, yet we were having a “mouth-feel memory”.

Cake is a powerful tool for memory, especially if it is a brownie. The sight of the brownie transported us back to our past. It was a complex physiological process of appetite fuelled by the anticipation of tasting its sugar- and fat-rich deliciousness, a yearning for a long gone home. Alas, nor do we have our Mrs. D’Cruz around, nor did we possess the skill to bake something like that. The store bought ones too lacked the desired texture and taste sought. We did find a few in some obscure niche bakery in Delhi, but we had to shell out an exorbitant amount to dig our teeth into it.

It kind-off seemed to me that my next gen may hardly get to indulge in this divine sweetness, of a rich fudgy chocolate brownie. Until the day I spotted Kuppies!

It was a visit to the largest hypermarket chain in India- Bigbaazar, that first introduced me to Kuppies. It was an attractive red box, that was hygienecially packed, each containing twelve yummy chocolate brownies. The brownies were wrapped in a single-serve package, which I quite liked as it gave the flexibility to enjoy the Brownie as per my convenience. Soft to feel, the first bite of the brownie, gave me this intense chocolate burst in my mouth Ah! It was divine. It was fudgy, moist and was loaded with choco chips. I was transported back in an instant to my child hood days. I checked the pack to see if probably it was Mrs. Dcruz making them. But how could I forget it’s been a decade since she was dead and gone.

Genie in The Box????? OH NO! They are Brownies in a Box

I did my study to understand the marvel behind the brownies. Kuppies is a Dessert Brand based in Delhi/NCR, India, which sells packaged snack cakes & similar desserts.  The packaging was hygienic and manufactured under hygienic conditions. They are 100% vegetarian and could be consumed by one and all.  Nitrogen is flushed into each Brownie pouch before sealing it to ensure freshness and longer shelf life. The three-layer packaging protects the Brownie from contaminants. Each wrapper is labeled with complete ingredients and nutrition facts all as per FSSAI guidelines.  It guarantees you freshness for sixty days. But the flavor that lingers in your mouth- well that would be for a lifetime.

I did crave for more. Kuppies brownies seemed to be the missing link to my childhood. I could now relive every bit of those days, as I bite into its soft fudgy texture. So the next time I would be at my local store or hyepermart in Delhi/NCR I would be picking up more for sure. What about you?

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