Idli, Sambhar and a Tumbler Filter Kaapi #AtoZChallenge

iIdli – this white as snow and fluffy delicacy belongs to the southern states of India. Made by, fermenting a ground batter of black lentils and half boiled rice, and steaming them into circular molds, this is one dish that has not only won the popularity award but also the healthy diet award. Each plain idli has approximately 39 calories, 2 grams protein, 2 grams dietary fiber, 8 grams carbohydrates and no fat.

As I child I remember my “Amma” grinding a whole vessel full of the batter, in an old fashioned grinder. The grinder in itself was a one of a kind home appliance, occupying an enormous amount of space at home. The stone that would grind the batter in the grinder would weigh a ton. I remember “amma measuring, soaking and grinding the batter with perfection. She would put just the right amount of water to make sure the batter was of the right consistency. This would render the right texture to the idlis. Her final task would be to clean the enormous grinder! Phew!!!


At least once a week my tiffin to school would be these fluffy idlis topped with a special powder that was made out of roasted lentils and red chillie. I remember my friends going gaga over it. When I moved out on my own, I realized the first thing I missed were my Idlis in the morning.

But like all other things in our present day life, batters are more easily available in the market and the giant sized grinder has metamorphosed into sleeker kitchen appliances. And what more the white fluffy Idlis in hotels too have newer innovations. Heard of Schezwan Idlis? Or how about Idli Manchurian? Hmmm or may be Idli Tikkas?

But despite all these newer versions, for me what always stands in the numero uno position is a breakfast of steaming hot fluffy idlis, with a bowl of sambhar and piping hot filter kaapi!!!!

This is a part of my journey exploring 26 lesser known shades of a country called India, with the #AtoZChallenge 2016!!!

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  1. Absolutely true! Though I despised this dish in my childhood as it was a weekly feature, as I got more settled into married life with kids, I realized its immense value in terms of being nutritious, filling and time-saving!
    @KalaRavi16 from

  2. I had made idlis yesterday and almost wrote a post about the same. Nothing, absolutely nothing can beat the hearty feeling and taste after eating idlis.

  3. I Love Idlis and Dosas too. In fact had made them yesterday. I can have them on all 365 days and this is when I am a Punjabi 😀

  4. Reminds me of my very kind South Indian friend in school. She would get one whole piece of Idli for me in her lunch box while others used to get tiny bites during aata-baati (sharing of food) time at lunch break. Oh… sweet foodie memories and great friendship bonds strengthened by delicious idlis 🙂

  5. As a kid, I hated idlis and Mom used to try many tricks to make me have one. She got the moulds for “Unniyappams”- if you know what that is, and made the smallest of idlis possible. They were only bite sized and I used to have them just because they were cute. Yeah, fussy me!

    But right now, I would give anything to have the soft soft idlis which she makes! 🙂

  6. My dad’s criteria for judging a plate of Idly would be – it should be like ‘mallige hua’ meaning like jasmine flowers, white and soft and fluffy! and oh! that work that went into getting the proportions right! The best breakfast one can have!

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