Radio, I Still Love You!

Not sure if it is due to the holiday season that’s kicking in or, the last showers of the monsoon that’s been trickling down my roof, but I seemed to be overwhelmed with nostalgia since morning. With nothing much to do in the small cantonment town that I live in, I discovered the joys that lay hidden in a simple hand held device. No, it isn’t the mobile phone that I am talking about, but a small black radio it is. Way back in the eighties, most households possessed a television box. Oh well! It sure could be called one,

A home in a dozen odd boxes- Life as a Fauji Wife

My entire home could be put into a dozen odd boxes. I live life as a fauji wife, an almost nomadic existence, moving places and making a new home every few years, or sometimes even months!!! For the initial twenty five years of my life, home was Bangalore! Seldom had I moved out of the city, except for short holidays. And then, I was baptized into the Armed Forces fraternity. As the flight took off, soaring high into the sky, I found it difficult to come to terms with the shock and realization that the city of Bangalore would no

Learning a Sport as an Adult

Growing up in the eighties, there weren’t many opportunities to learn a sport by way of private/organized classes. Whatever little sports I was exposed to was in the school I went to. And, my school, concentrated mainly on hockey, cricket, basketball and throw ball. For some strange reason, I seldom took interest in any of these. It could probably be attributed to my poor hand-eye coordination, which is surely of importance in ball games. I distinctly remember trying my hand at throw ball. And each time the ball was swung from across the net, aimed clearly at me, I would

Cantonment life!

Do you know the most boring time in a Fauji wife’s life? It is when she decides to stay back in the cantonment with her two kids during summer vacation, and the husband is out on duty for the entire period. And I am presently in such a situation. Life inside a cantonment It is a different world all-together. Neatly laid out roads, clean and peaceful environs, auditoriums, sports complexes, schools within, sometimes our own golf course, and of course the Officers Institute to spend time with friends in the evenings. Cantonments with their ambience form the basis of our

The Magic of Warmth!

“A soldier doesn’t fight because he hates what is in front of him. A soldier fights because he loves what he left behind.” – Unknown It was for the third time that we had to cancel our planned vacation. The bags lay half packed on the bed, as I looked up at his stoic face. His eyes said it all; the vacation was not going to happen for some time to come. I didn’t utter a word the entire day. It’s overwhelming indeed! From the time of the Great World Wars, there have been abundant discussions and dialogues’ describing what life

The Road is My Therapist!

I found the road by mistake. I decided to go out for a brief drive on Sunday morning and suddenly found myself itching for some more alone time, driving on NH-66. I had intended to explore a spice garden I had heard good things about. Terrain less explored I sure am lucky to be living in a small town on the Konkan coast of India. A terrain less explored, the district of Uttar Karnataka is lush green, with hills and valleys on one side and the lashing waves of the Arabian Sea on the other. I live inside a beautiful Cantonment,

Parenting Alone? It’s No Easy Job

    I pretend to have all the energy in the world, when all that I want to do is hit the bed…. It’s no easy job parenting alone! It isn’t uncommon these days, to find spouses living in two different places. The reasons may be many- better career prospects or children’s’ education. In such cases, the children end up being with one of the parent, meeting the other over long weekends or vacations. In my case, the husband being in the armed forces, is constantly away for long spells, leaving me and the kids to manage on our own in what

When Flowers Shower Their Fragrance

He would be gone this time for a hundred days. It wasn’t the first time he was doing this; however, I sure was an emotional wreck. Was it because I had to manage two hyper-active toddlers on my own, in a mad city such as Delhi- getting them to school and tending to all their needs? Or was it because he wouldn’t be around to celebrate our tenth anniversary together? And why was there a strange anxiousness about his safety? I had no answers …. I bid him a tearful farewell as my two little girls clung to me like kangaroos. It’s

The Story of Col DPK Pillay

*This post was featured in The Better India Col DPK Pillay was critically wounded during an insurgent operation in Manipur, but chose to ignore his injuries to help evacuate two village children.  It indeed was a fateful patrol that DPK Pillay undertook on January 25, 1994. A young Captain then, Pillay was tasked with protecting a few tribal villages during a highly charged phase of violence in Manipur’s Tamenglong district. Tracking down the militants and finding them cornered in a locked room, Col Pillay broke open the door, only to be welcomed with a burst of bullets from AK-47s. The first bullet

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