The Anything But Books Tag!!!

The Anything But Books Tag!!!

haven’t really done an “About Me” of any sort on my blog or anywhere on social media for that matter. So, when I was tagged by a fellow blogger Shantala Nayak who blogs on Shanaya Tales, to do this fun post, I jumped straight into it. Here it goes! These are answers to a couple of questions on things related to me. Titled anything but books, it’s a way of letting folks know much more than my love for books and writing. After you have finished reading these, do drop in a few points about yourself too. Would be interesting to read.

Name a cartoon(s) that you love.

The minions!!! These tiny characters in blue denim stole my heart from the time I watched Despicable Me (part 1). An adorable lot, they speak a mix of their own sweet language. They are what I call a bundle of various emotions and could brighten up even the gloomiest of days.

What is your favorite song right now?

There are a couple of songs that I like. But if I had to pick one at the moment, that’s playing back to back in my mind, car as well as on my mobile it is “The Heartbeat Song” by Kelly Clarkson. There’s this nice pep to it along with the fact that it is so very hummable.

What could you do for hours (that isn’t reading)?

I could spend hours playing with my two little daughters (aged 8 & 4)!!!! They are such a delight. It’s like as though I am re-living my childhood days.

What is something you love to do that your followers would be surprised by?

I love doing Jigsaw puzzles- those tiny 1000 piece ones. A great stress buster and when you include the family, it’s the best way to bond!!

What is your favorite unnecessarily specific thing to learn about (this can do with books, I guess)?

So here is something! I don’t really consider this an all-together important skill in life, but well, I just can’t get to understand the nuances of make up!!!!! Still trying to learn to use them appropriately.

What is something unusual you know how to do?

I can swim a 25 meter pool in just one breathe!!

Name something you’ve made in the last year (and show us, if you can).

I am terrible when it comes to all things creative. Nor am I a culinary expert! But if I still had to pick something, which I am proud of, it is the food that I prepared for a gathering of friends that included evening snacks, and a wholesome dinner!!

What is your most recent personal project?

I am currently working on a personal finance blog, still in its nascent stage though, but thrilled with the way it’s shaping up.

Tell us something you think about often (maybe while staring out of windows).

Ah!!! Love this question. I often think about my by gone days, childhood days spent in Bangalore and days spent with my husband before we got married. Not sure why, but I always feel the past is so much more beautiful than the present!!

Give us something that’s your favorite, but make it something oddly specific, not like your favorite food, but like your favorite food when you’ve been studying for hours and forgot to eat. Or, you know, something like that.

For my favorite (well one that’s specific) I am not going to pick food, nor would it be books. No… No… Not movies either. It’s actually a person. Much as I crib about his constant absence and much as it may sound really clichéd’ the man I am married to is my favorite. We have known each other for 17 years (5 years of courtship + 12 years of marriage). Life these 17 years have been a roller coaster ride. Being married to a man in uniform, constantly shunted to different military stations, life as a fauji wife, has given me an exposure that I never really imagined. It’s been fun, exhilarating, anxiety stricken, content, all put together.  And yet again though it may sound way too clichéd, but I carry a sense of pride, being part of his life. That’s what I call the invisible stripes worn by military wives!

4 thoughts on “The Anything But Books Tag!!!

  1. It was interesting to know you a bit more Ramya. Now I cannot wait to do mine.. Will write soon and let you know.
    I have been wanting to learn to swim for the longest time. The swimming pool near my house is always not having new memberships. Soon, I will get to it even if I reach 50.

  2. Wow! Impressive all the way, Ramya! Loved reading about you, getting to know a bit more about you through this post. Shantala has indeed done a real good thing by tagging us all in this post. Now, we will know more about each other than just the fact that we blog!

    P. S.
    Can you please teach me to swim! 😀


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