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Welcome Summer with Bumchums Range of Casual Wear

Welcome Summer with Bumchums Range of Casual Wear

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” – John Lubbock

Summer season brings with it, vivid memories of my childhood- of carefree and fun days. They were days of zero responsibilities, of running around, irrespective of the blazing sun or the sweltering heat outside. Summer days are a joy, and they still are for me.

The desire to go back

I would want to go back to those childhood summers- even if it is for a second. Days spent playing football using a neighbor’s gate as a goal post or, secretly indulging in books that were forbidden. The excitement would begin from the last day of school itself, as we friends would stand longer by the school gate, making plans. The school free days ahead meant getting up late, staying all day in sleep wear and enjoying life to the hilt. Surely summers are incomplete without the playing in the afternoon sun, those indoor games played with cousins and friends, and of course the yummy food straight out of grandmother’s kitchen.

Summer joys for me again- well in another form though!

As the heat of the March month kicks in, I am yet again confronted with the joys of summer- as my two little ones grow up. I enjoy a sort of second childhood as I jump around and play with my two little kids. Summer it is, as they run, play laugh and explore the world around, sans gadgets and electronics. And I bring out the summer wardrobe for them, those that are comfortable, yet come with that element of being cool and trendy. Summer clothes must breathe and allow our children to be themselves. And getting you this much needed comfort are garments from Bumchums.

Bumchums- For the fun of it

Bumchums – Fun it up, is a leading online service provider, where you could buy cool and smart casual wear for toddlers, kids and adults as well. From comfort wear to sleep wear and sportswear, their range of garments are perfect for the summer seasons. They are not only cool and smart, but the fabrics are soft, they breathe and are absolutely refreshing.

Picnics or beach time- Clothes for summer fun!

Choose from among the variety of t shirts, Bermudas, tracks or muscle tees. So whether it is for picnics with cousins or family members, the ultra-comfortable t-shirts-or vests for kids would suit the fun day. Team them up with the ultra-cool Bum chums Bermudas that are available in assorted colors, for that perfect match. And watch your little ones go wild. Let them be themselves!

Summer Fun is for all, Bumchums for girls

The Bumchums range isn’t just restricted to kids and tiny tots. Bumchums ensures we adults too could stay cool. With its vibrant shades and style, the range is perfect for these summer months to relax. Enjoy the evening times having ice cream bars at the colony outlet in stylish Capris. These capris for girls are made with soft fabric and fit the curves stylishly. Whether you want a casual wear, lounge wear or active wear, Bumchums has an option.

Pick these smart and trendy round neck t shirts or crew neck with short sleeves. They come with a relaxed fit, a soft and smooth stretchable fabric that caresses your skin.
Fabric composition is 96% Cotton and 4% Spandex.

Or how about lounge pants ladies? These trousers are knitted with cotton and spandex yarn, they provide great stretchable comfort. It sports a waistband and a drawstring for that superior fit. Fabric composition is 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex.

Unleash the Freedom

It’s a joy to watch young ones laugh and play in glee. Bumchums ranges of garments are those that kids would love being in, the whole day. Let them be in their comfortable sleepwear morning to dusk, or dress up in smart casuals for a movie outing with family and friends. How about that time in the park as they explore their world, gazing at the sky? Bumchums offers the comfort and warmth letting them bring out their carefree attitude. Welcome the summer days and watch your kids live life in the season and garner warm memories to last them a life time.

Recognising Transgender- An Inspirational Video #WATWB

Recognising Transgender- An Inspirational Video #WATWB

The Supreme Court of India handed down a landmark ruling in 2014, to recognize and integrate the third gender as part of mainstream society. Of course, this decision is a big step towards giving Transgender a right to self-identity, who are otherwise stigmatized by society. Yet, we still have a long way to go in restoring their dignity and providing them with the most basic fundamental right- of education and employment.

As I scrolled through my Facebook feed this morning this brilliantly made video popped up on my feed. This groundbreaking video made by the brand Vicks is inspired by the real life story of Gauri Sawant, a transgender, who takes on the responsibility of raising a young child Gayatri.

The video brings about awareness on two important social aspects- adoption and the need to bring in dignity for the transgender. Truly an inspiration!!!

Watch the video here

This post is part of the ‘We Are The World Blogfest’ that aims to bring in more peace and love on social media. Join bloggers from around the world who would share stories of love and humanity on the last Friday of every month, by following #WATWB

The co-hosts for this month are: Belinda WitzenhausenLynn Hallbrooks,  Simon FalkSylvia McGrath, and Damyanti Biswas

Data Recovery and Protection on the Occassion of World Backup Day

Data Recovery and Protection on the Occassion of World Backup Day

It’s World Backup Day! 

Data loss can happen at any time. So, World Backup Day is a day set aside to remind us to back up files and protect our data, if not regularly, at least once a year- on 31st March! A back up is essentially a second copy or a reserve of your files/ data that’s most precious to you. There’s nothing more traumatizing than losing your data. And in today’s digital world, there are a hundred odd ways where one could lose their data.

My Blogging Journey

 “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” —William Wordsworth.

These lovely words were my inspiration when I set out on my blogging journey four years back. I wanted a space, to speak my heart out, to share my daily ramblings with the world. Thus my blog “Me Otherwise” came into being. From those initial days of penning down random thoughts, to its present form, my blog has grown from a simple journal to a more professional one. The blog touches a range of topics today-lifestyle, fashion, food and books.

Learning lessons- The hard way!!!

But not all of this was achieved without overcoming hurdles. And the biggest one for me was making sense of the technical nuances of blogging. It may seem way too simple and straight forward, but for someone with a non-technical background, concepts of data security, backups and storage was overwhelming.

Call it my ignorance or sheer laziness, but one fine day I woke up to find I had lost all my posts!!! Months of hard work had just vanished due to a server crash on the host side, leaving me feeling miserable. And that is when I understood the importance of Data Protection. Luckily for me, I had a backup of each of my posts on a hard disk and I restored my data from my backup.

Getting a basic understanding

Before I go any further, let me give you a basic understanding of what exactly data protection and data security is. These two relevant terms are of importance when we speak about securing data in a digital form. Though used synonymously often, there is a subtle difference between the two. Where data security refers to securing the data from accessibility of unauthorized users, the term data protection is ensuring the availability of data for access by authorized users and availability of data in case of data loss.

“When any business or venture with an online presence is growing, it is important it secures its data with an effective backup solution. And for a blog, with a far and wide reach, it makes all the more sense to focus on data protection and security.”

Data Recovery Services

For the security of data, there are professional data recovery services by companies who professionally recover data from hard drives, RAIDs, solid state drives, flash drives, and tapes. Experts companies and their services recover data in complex situations, from servers, and even when there is no data available due to a damages device. Data recovery services will make every effort to get back vital business data, repair drives and focus recovery with verified security.

Stellar Data Recovery

One such data recovery service in India is Stellar Data Recovery. It is India’s leading professional data recovery service company with an expertise in recovering data from almost all kinds of media storage devices like, Hard disk, Laptop, External media devices, SSDs (SanDisk solid state drives) servers, RAID/SAN/NAS systems, database, emails, mobile phones etc… Their data recovery experts can recover up to 100% of valuable data from any storage media device, irrespective of their failure cause.

They do open physically damaged hard drive in high tech Class 100 clean room; a very mandatory environment for crashed hard drive data recovery activity; which is electronically monitored for air quality and particulate contamination 24 hours a day. Stellar has the best-in-class tools, software, experts and experience engineers and techniques, from legacy. The company has been a leader in computer data recovery for over two decades and is the most trusted name in India for providing the best and cost effective Data Recovery Services.

Prevention is better than cure- Securing Data

  • Make regular backups of files in storage devices.
  • Have your anti-virus software in place, to protect yourself against viruses.
  • Use a system of passwords so that access to data is restricted
  • Write protect disks to avoid accidental deletion of files.
  • Use data encryption techniques to code data so that it makes no apparent sense

A Final Note

It is wise to backup data at multiple locations because if your main data storage device (Hard Drive, Pen Drive, Server, Memory Card etc.) crashes you’ll still have a copy of all your files at other sites. Protect hard disks and have a backup plan in place. 

And on the occasion of World Back up day, all that I can say is surely it is better to be safe than sorry!! 

*Featured image source: Pixabay
Book Review: The Mask Diaries By Abhinav Goel

Book Review: The Mask Diaries By Abhinav Goel

Heard of the great Persian epic Sohrab and Rustum? It is that tale of the brave warrior Rustum who unknowingly slays his long-lost son Sohrab, in a single combat. A tale of valor, though it may seem, but this epic is not just about war, death and battle. It brings out the ironies of life. It brings out pride and anger – the masks we wear. It is about good and of evil existing within the protagonist and all around him too. Taking a cue from this great epic is Abhinav Goel’s The Mask Diaries. Profound and deep, the book is soul stirring, spiritual and takes you on a path of self-discovery.

The Mask Diaries- The fascinating story of Sohrab

He is cursed with a troubled and painful childhood. But his gift is enormous and overwhelming in every way. Blessed with the ability to read and influence minds around him, Sohrab is all set to journey around the globe. As a mind reader, he finds immense success, yet, he finds himself torn between the good and the evil. And that’s when, unable to conquer over his alter ego, Sohrab destroy all that he has- the fame, the adulation and the love received. The book is his journey as he lives life over five decades. Sohrab sees the world and takes you along with him on a journey, with him across the Himalayas, all the way to Paris and Hungary, towards self-acceptance.

“How beautiful this day is, how replete with the perfection of life! On days like these I wish to tear the Mask off my face for good, for I have everything that I ever aspired for. Yet, as I aspire to do the unthinkable, I realize that the Mask hides the skeletons of my past beneath it and the moment I tear it off, I will become naked in front of the world…” – excerpt from The Mask Diaries.

Truth of life- In a whole new avatar!

The narration surely stands out.  Very often books that belong to the genre of experiential, psychological or spiritual tend to become quite a heavy read for me. However, The Mask Diaries was quite the opposite. What appealed to me was the way the story line was dealt with. Crisp narration, a neatly laid out plot and characters etched with perfection, the book was indeed a pleasure to read.

The story is narrated in the voices of the protagonist, his mask, wife and son. The multiple voices did seem to confuse me in certain parts, but the story line gripped me and its flow soon cleared the cloud. Characters are easily identifiable, those we bump into each and every day of our life. The book is decently paced too and incidents are relevant in every way to today’s world.

I loved the way Sohrab’s childhood has been described. The vivid descriptions played on my mind and stayed well after I had closed that last page and had put the book down. It got me into a sort of introspection mode. I smiled with the book, fell in love and was also moved to tears. I lazed on my arm-chair book in hand, closing my eyes, drifting away in thoughts.

My Take 

Love self-realization books? Then The Mask Diaries could well be the one for you. It would prove to be a perfect thought-provoking read on a lazy afternoon. Oh well, otherwise too. It has the power to heal your soul. It teaches you to face your fears, and inspires you in many a ways. Along with the spiritual journey of the protagonist, the book leads you too, towards self-acceptance. From the depth of your mind, it churns out your darker shades and guides you towards forgiveness.

An interesting read!!!

Pick that Perfect Apartment in Jaipur

Pick that Perfect Apartment in Jaipur

Jaipur, the state capital of Rajasthan, is culturally rich and one of India’s finest cities. With a great heritage, the city attracts millions of tourists every year. Today the pink city is considered as one among the ten mega cities of India. No wonder the real estate market in Jaipur is flourishing, with all the infrastructural development the city is witnessing, and its proximity with the capital city of Delhi. Jaipur is situated on the Delhi- Mumbai Highway, and the city boasts of a well-planned road and railway network. The city is a part of the golden triangle with adequate education, hospitality and healthcare facilities. In this pink city, amidst kings, palaces and ancient forts are residential apartment and flats in Jaipur by FS Realty- a VENTURE OF FIRST STONE.

First stone works on a very unique philosophy, working towards bringing about new beginnings, laying the foundation stone for a good life and a home. According to First Stone,”A new beginning where life travels that extra mile to find newer destinations of a brighter future is what a foundation stone symbolizes”. The interesting luxury flats in Jaipur by FS Realty that are worth considering are as follows.

Project Crest near Marriott Jaipur

Here is a lovely 65,000 sq. ft. project called Crest. It is situated near the Marriott Hotel of Jaipur. The project boasts of a landscape that is surrounded by lush green tropical gardens. It has a central courtyard, where you could find water coming out of large urns. It would also have a roof terrace garden. Just imagine the beauty of intimate water features that come alive at night here. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful sight? There is a very interesting philosophy Crest has adopted in this project which is combining local flora along with exotic trees and plants. The most noteworthy features of this project is the fact that there is no parking on the ground floor. So here is a residential colony with a ground floor that is free from vehicular movement. The project boasts of all modern amenities apart from being ideally located to hospitals, schools and markets.

Project Platinum


Project Crown- Sharing the common wall with Marriott

Sharing the Common Wall The Under Construction Platinum and Crown

Two projects of FS Realty Platinum and Crown are a class apart and definitely an epitome of urban luxury. And here is why. They share a common wall with the Marriott. Isn’t it wonderful to be a part of this posh enclave that stands tall in one of Jaipur’s prestigious neighborhood? Do you seek a home that is not only amidst nature and beauty, but also connected to the city’s landmarks? Then these two projects are definitely worth considering.

Project Pinnacle

Pinnacle- Ever dreamt of owning a home on a high rise that boasts of 20 storeys? Then Project Pinnacle is just the one for you.  Choose a floor above and get a clear view of the world around. Pinnacle is surely an architectural marvel that would never fail to amaze you. In the lap of luxury, you could get that brilliant panoramic view of the beautiful city of Jaipur. It is surely that perfect home with a view.

Project Coronation

Don’t we all love homes that are planned meticulously in every way? Coronation is one such project. It is a lifestyle home indeed and the interiors speak volumes of the essence of harmony, with a contemporary facade outside. Each apartment in this project is customized to complement your taste and style of living. These homes would surely make that statement.

Each of these projects are a class apart. Take a walk through and you would be left spell bound. That’s a guarantee

Medical Store Embarrassment?

Medical Store Embarrassment?

Noticed how buying condoms is often a nerve racking and uncomfortable experience for many? It does seem quite surprising, considering the fact that, it is the step forward towards being responsible and practicing safer sex.  But then, how could I forget, we belong to a country where sexuality is always behind closed doors, and one seldom displays the minutest possibility of having any inclination. No wonder, people mumble, fumble and whisper, to buy that pack of condoms.

The medical store drama

I was at a medical store recently, and as I stood waiting to be attended to, my eyes caught sight of a middle aged gentleman. Furtively, he glanced over his shoulder and scanned at those at the stores, and then at me. When prodded by the shopkeeper, he fumbled for a pack. Barely audible, his embarrassment was evident. It was like as though he was all set to commit the gravest of crimes.  The other two customers stood with their eyes transfixed straight ahead, ‘lest their eyes make any contact with the pack. The shop keeper picked up a pack from the counters within the store, whipped out a brown paper bag and sealed the edges. It seemed like as though everyone present there wanted the transaction to be completed as soon as possible.

Sexuality- An integral part of being human

There is a large stigma associated with buying condoms. There are instances, where many drive up around 10 kms away from their home to buy that pack of condoms, to ensure those from their neighborhood aren’t watching them buying a pack. In fact, in a survey conducted, it was revealed that the embarrassment factor involved in buying condoms from a shop is the biggest factor that prevented men from using condoms to enjoy safe sex.

The portal- A cheer to many

But now, much to the cheer of many, condoms could be bought without the embarrassment factor. Yes! One can purchase any condom brand, any quantity and at any time with a click of a mouse! They need not disclose their identity and there would be no glaring eyes, no smirks and no grins. One cold purchase condoms online and get it delivered home discreetly. No hassles.

What’s in store?

The web portal allows this hassle free buying of almost all condom brands in India, without the need to disclose one’s identity. Orders placed would be delivered at the door step. The portal also stocks up, female condom varieties, personal lubricants, vibrating rings and climax delay sprays.

All that the buyer needs to do is to disclose his / her email ID. No need to furnish any other personal information. The site is easy to navigate, and serves as a platform for men and women to get habituated to safe and exciting sex options. Anyone above the age of 18 years can order condoms online in India without having to feel embarrassed.

Isnt this the most convenient way?

Privacy and discretion at its best

Total privacy is guaranteed during transaction and shipping. The payment for the ordered quantity can be made online. Condom bazaar uses highly secured payment gateway, so the payments are highly secured. The word ‘condom’ will never appear in your credit card statement / bank statement. Condoms will be delivered in a discreet packaging. Other than the buyer, no one can notice that condoms are packed inside unless the packaging is completely removed. Discreet packaging ensures absolute safety and privacy.  It will be a tamper-proof and opaque outer cover.  The site has exclusive sections to educate Indian youth about sexual wellness including how to use condoms. An exclusive section for condom reviews allows users to make informed choice while they buy condoms online. The section also carries useful information’s, such as Condom Price in India and information about various condom brands in India

As much as love contributes to healthy relationships and individual well-being, sexual intimacy is an integral part too. Sexual well-being refers to many factors such as physical mental and emotional factors that impact sexual function and reproduction.

Surely with portals such as this, we are paving a way to better and more responsible sexual behavior. 

Ten Fashionable Women’s Wear For Indian Parties

Ten Fashionable Women’s Wear For Indian Parties

Slaying a party is not everyone’s cup of tea, whether it is a traditional wedding party or a rock and roll birthday bash. Women don’t take any such parties lightly and represent themselves in the best possible outfit to look gorgeous, smart and attractive. Find listed 10 of the most popular, trendy, and fashionable party wear for women.

For Traditional Parties

  1. Sarees

Indian Sarees are the most popular outfit for a traditional party like a Wedding reception or family function. The variety and material you get to choose from are massive which make sure that you will get your favorite one.

  1. Suits

Preferably an Anarkali suit or something similar. Suits with heavy work and unique designs are best suited for girls as a traditional party wear.

  1. Lehnga

Lehenga is one of the oldest Indian dress and one of the most popular as well. Lehangas are rich looking and gorgeous dress which suits to Bride as well as guests. It is a colorful outfit which is equally famous among all age groups.

  1. Gown

Full-length gowns are another popular and trendy fashion wear among women for traditional parties, wedding, and family gathering. It is elegant, beautiful and makes you look attractive and different among all.

For Casual Parties

  1. Skirt & Top

Short Skirts look cute on girls, and there is no denying that. You can opt for a skirt and a designer top for your next birthday bash which is one of the most favorite outfits among girls for casual parties.

  1. Short & Tee

Be comfortable, be stylish and be cool in a short and tee which looks stunning on every girl. Go for a casual tee with a short of your choice, though it should be stylish.

  1. Casual Jeans

The most popular women outfit in all over the world. They come In various designs, materials, and distinct style. Jeans go with every kind of top or tee, be it designers ones or casual ones. So next time when you are set to join the party, feel free to wear your favorite and most stylish jeans with an amazing top to look cool and smart.

  1. Dress

A one piece dress is the most elegant and attractive outfit as a party wear for girls of all ages. Length, design, color and pattern depends on individual’s preference, and there is a lot of variety available to choose from.

Bottom Line

Women have so many options to choose from when it comes to dresses and outfits for any party. They have better fashion sense, and that reflects with the variety of different outfits you get to see in a party, whether it is a traditional one or a casual and rock one. These are some of the most popular party wears in India for girls of all ages.